Current ranked #15 Charles Yassi-Pepin has landed a scholarship with JuCo Laramie County Community College.

The 6’8″ forward played for both Barking Abbey in the EABL and Kent Crusaders in NBL Division 1 this season gaining great experience where he feels ready to take a step further in his career.

“To get a scholarship feels so great because a big part of my career will now start and I have the chance of getting something that a lot of people will die  for. I’m grateful to God, My Family and coaches for everything.”

Charles has set himself some goals as well as feels UK players are more than capable to compete with the USA players.

“My goals are to impress the coach straight away, make sure I’m in the right condition to play at a high level, have fun while trying to get a D1 scholarship and lastly of course I want to win. For UK guys to play in America really makes an impact to show we are not weak and we can play as well as them.”


From everyone at DENGTOP50, we want to wish Charles all the success in the USA.


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