How are Players Ranked?

Combine Testing
Each player goes through a series of combine tests including standing vertical jump, 3/4 sprint and lane agility test with a leaderboard displayed throughout the duration of the camp.

Full Game Statistics
Every league game has full player statistics recorded where averages are tallied up and put on a leaderboard.

Scouting Report
Each player has an in-depth report on a daily basis which gives them an overall score. The report includes all aspects of the game from anthropometry, position versatility, shooting, rebounding, passing, dribbling, defence, conditioning and more.

Player Evaluations
Each player is evaluated by our Head Scouts in games and drills throughout the duration of the camp giving the all important “eye test” opinion on players.

All of these factors are taken into consideration to rank the players during camp.

When are Players Ranked?

Pre Camp
Through a selection panel of coaches all across the UK, players are pre ranked before the camp which isn’t publicised. This helps us to have an initial idea of players rankings as well as assist during evaluations when putting players into equal teams for the league games.

During Camp
Rankings are updated twice everyday: at lunchtime and then again at the close of each day. The TOP 20 players are finalised on the last morning where they all compete in a showcase All-Star game in front of 500+ spectators.

Post Camp
We ‘re-rank’ the list at the Christmas Break and then again in July at the end of the season to have a final Top 20 List. The site will update the Player Rankings with their current season game stats obtained from clubs and leagues.