When USA U16 and U17 Head Coach Don Showalter addressed his players this afternoon he stressed teamwork, passion and playing with a purpose.

Coach Showalter put the players through their paces in a series of drills and conditioned games, working on moving with and without the ball and communicating better as a team. As the skill development workshop came to an end, he shared a story of Kyrie Irving, whom he worked with just a few days before. He described how Irving remained on the court after a long practice, going through drill after drill in meticulous detail until the skill was perfected; at least to anyone by Kyrie.

In an interview afterwards he said: “There’s a lot of players in the US and the UK who have the talent they need to play at the highest level. What often lets them down is their willingness to work at it.”

Coach Showalter, along with Coach Joe Mantegna, will conduct a free coaching clinic on Saturday 23rd August at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. To register, visit http://deng.camp/coach-clinic

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