We are thrilled to announce that Hoopsfix will be the official media partner for DENG Camp UK 2017, taking place from 23-26 August at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre.

Hoopsfix is the leading media outlet for UK hoops, with almost 50,000 followers across all social media platforms and attracting up to 30,000 unique visitors per month.

Founded in 2010 by Sam Neter, Hoopsfix aims to cover all levels of British basketball, with a keen focus on top prospects coming through.

“We’re incredibly excited to be able to make a formal partnership with DENG Camp for this year’s event,” Neter commented.

“DENG Camp has risen to prominence in a relatively short period of time, and cemented its status as the top elite junior camp in the UK. It is with great honour we are able to support the work of Luol, Steve and the rest of the staff.

“Having access across all four days of camp will provide us with an incredible amount of content in comparison to previous years, and means we should be able to provide greater insight and exposure into the top young players in the UK.”

The camp is entering its fourth year under the new Top 50 ranking format, which has enabled a wider exposure for the UK’s elite players.

Hoopsfix has covered the camp each year but will now be granted full access with the new partnership, providing footage of top plays, interviews with players, coaches and staff, Snapchat and Instagram takeovers, as well as behind the scenes insights.

Camp Director, Steve Vear believes adding Hoopsfix will bring even more firepower to the camp brand:

“Each year we have increased our media outputs which we want to continue to build on and there is no better way to do this than bringing in Hoopsfix. It’s no secret that they are the leading media outlet for British Basketball where we feel it’s time that we up our game and spread the camp brand even more.

“Add that right now it’s such a critical time for people all across the UK to start constructively working together to grow the game in a positive way so this was also a big factor into contacting Sam and wanting Hoopsfix to join our team.”

You can keep up to date with exclusive content of the camp via @Hoopsfix on all social media platforms; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat.


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