Two-Time NBA All-Star Luol Deng will launch more basketball camps with a focus on elite players of South Sudanese origin.

Starting this summer of 2017, the DENG Camp will expand its footprint globally and deliver new camps in both the U.S. and Australia for the most talented South Sudan high school players.

These camps will help facilitate more opportunities both on and off the basketball court for a community of players with whom Luol shares a similar journey.

The UK will continue to deliver it’s annual camp for its fourth year, which invites the Top 50 most talented players in the UK to put their abilities to the test in a bid to be ranked the UK’s #1 known as DENGTOP50.

This camp has been confirmed to take place from 23-26 August and will once again be hosted at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre, London.

Luol is really excited for the new camps to happen this summer.

“Our new direction to launch the camp in multiple countries will extend our reach, create more opportunities, and make our family even bigger” Deng said.

“The aim is to help this community of players in areas that have played such a pivotal role in my basketball career and life. These new camps are the beginning of our investment in empowering South Sudanese basketball players in the USA, Canada and Australia, and eventually even more areas.”

He is also looking forward to what the future holds.

“I’m really so excited for the new direction and can’t wait to help more and more people on and off the basketball court, where we are going to keep growing and growing the camp each and every year.”

Player Rankings

With the new direction of the camp also comes a brand new web design by 5or6 as well as the latest DENGTOP50 Player Rankings now updated. You can view the latest 2016 camp Top 20 Player Rankings here

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