After months of discussions and debates, the DENGTOP50 selection panel have made their final list of 50 invited players to this years camp taking place from 19-22 August at Crystal Palace National Sports Centre. 

The 2015 camp will be open to male players who are:

  1. Classified as Class of 2016 and younger
  2. 18 yrs old or younger whilst on the camp
  3. Must not be playing in the USA (or have an existing US scholarship)
  4. If not playing in the UK, then MUST be a British Passport holder

The list in surname alphabetical order is as follows. All selected players, please register ASAP by clicking on the link next to your name.

First NameSurnameRegister!
Amin AdamuSign up HERE
Obi AguSign up HERE
Dan AkinSign up HERE
Hamad AliSign up HERE
Michael AnumbaSign up HERE
Andre ArissolSign up HERE
Ola AyodeleSign up HERE
Harvey BarrSign up HERE
Nelson Boachie-YiadomSign up HERE
Kyle CareySign up HERE
Kaiyem ClearySign up HERE
Oliver DykesSign up HERE
Josh EdwardsSign up HERE
MaxEdwardsSign up HERE
RJ Eytle-RockSign up HERE
Tim FavaSign up HERE
Josh FouldsSign up HERE
Caleb FullerSign up HERE
Aidan Gastaldi-DaviesSign up HERE
Riccardo GuddemiSign up HERE
Jonny HallSign up HERE
Sedale Hanson-YoungSign up HERE
Kemar HawesSign up HERE
Selby Hind WillsSign up HERE
Solomon IluyomadeSign up HERE
Jacob IwowoSign up HERE
Johnathan JamesSign up HERE
Paul JebodaSign up HERE
JonathanJosephSign up HERE
Gedi JuozapaitisSign up HERE
Kayne KingSign up HERE
Henri LangtonSign up HERE
James LloydSign up HERE
Luke MitchellSign up HERE
MelkisEdek MoreauxSign up HERE
Alex RobertsSign up HERE
Jacob RoundSign up HERE
Micah Savery-RichardsSign up HERE
Dominic Scott-RobinsonSign up HERE
Thai Segwai-LodgeSign up HERE
Zephi SharmanSign up HERE
Jake SirrellSign up HERE
Javel SmallSign up HERE
Hamadee TaousiSign up HERE
EvanWalsheSign up HERE
Shaquille WaltersSign up HERE
JelaniWatson-GayleSign up HERE
Jake WesselinghSign up HERE
Carl WheatleSign up HERE
Charles Yassi PepinSign up HERE

Any players that cannot attend must contact us ASAP so we can replace you with a reserve. The deadline to sign up is 1st August 2015 where any player failing to register will be automatically replaced.

Important disclaimers.

  1. We apologise for any names spelt incorrectly. These will be altered once players register.
  2. Please note that no places are guaranteed where we hold the right to add or remove players from DENGTOP50 2015 at anytime at our own discretion.
  3. Some players listed above may find themselves ineligible once their school year has been confirmed. In this case, they will be replaced by our extensive reserve list who will be contacted immediately.