After finishing DENGTOP50 and not being ranked, I was a little disappointed that I wasn’t in the Top 20 but I also knew I didn’t play too great throughout the camp.

I also remember being told “There will be a re-rank after the season as we know camps aren’t for everyone!” This motivated me to have a good season as I wanted to finish in the Top 20.

I had a meeting with my Coach and we set some targets and goals before the season and during the season to see if I had achieved the goals I set. A lot of them were to do with the EABL and personal goals such as scoring, steals and assists which I think are all good assets to excel in for my position.

During the season we did video sessions where we could watch back our games. The new partnership with ‘Krossover’ helped a lot as I could go back and watch the tape to see where I had played well and also to see areas that I need to improve on. Following this we did individual sessions where our coach would have us practice things that we think we needed to work on, whether it was footwork, passing, ball handling and try to make it game-like so it wasn’t a new feeling when it came to game time.

As a player, I like to use my speed, agility and skill to my advantage as I am an explosive player. I use it to my advantage by blowing by defenders and getting to the hoop.

However, with the scouting process they know that that is what I like to do, because of this, Coach has helped me develop my 3-point shot in individual sessions and different kind of hesitations to be able to get to the hoop and draw the help defender which will open another player to dump the ball off to for an easy basket and the assist.

To now be in the Top 20 after not being in it is a great achievement as I was the only person to do climb into the rankings so far this year. This is down to the Charnwood Coaches, Staff and Players and to the DENGTOP50 page for noticing my achievements and giving me some much-needed recognition for the future.

I’m not settling and aim to climb even more in the rankings when they complete the final rankings this summer!



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